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Art Pipelines

Multiple Pipelines I have created in my career.
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Art Pipeline

DCC Scripts

Scripts for Maya,Max,Flash,Photoshop, AfterEffects, and Pyside.
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Game Engine

Effects and shaders created in engine.
Art Pipeline


Pre Rendered effects.
Home Automation

D9 Gun

Click on model to manipulate in 3d Timothy Porter D9 Gun Timothy Porter D9 Gun Timothy Porter D9 Gun Timothy Porter D9 Gun Timothy Porter D9 Gun

D9 Gun. Gun based on the District 9 world. Modeling in Maya, texturing in Photoshop, Bodypaint, and Xnormal. UV mapping in Headus UV. Rendering in Marmoset and P3d. Model is designed by me as well.
Uses 1024 texture (1xSpec, 1xNrm, and 1xDiff)

Monster Mash

Monster Mash By Jackpot Designs LLC.
Work included: Rigging (Maya), Animation (Maya), dynamics (Maya), character modeling/texturing (Maya / Photoshop, CrazyBump, BodyPaint, Xnormal), and shading/lighting (Vray).


Timothy Porter Lantern Timothy Porter Lantern

Lamp Wire Timothy Porter Lamp AO Timothy Porter Linked-in Timothy Porter Linked-in

Lantern used in the game Lucky Dwarf by Jakcpot Designs LLC.
Created using in Maya, Photoshop, Zbrush, Bodypaint, Crazybump, Xnormal, and rendered in Vray. All work by me.

Cathedral Run

Timothy Porter Cathedral Image 1 Timothy Porter Cathedral Image 2 Timothy Porter Cathedral Image 3

Cathedral Run by Agile Poet.
Created using in Maya, Photoshop, Zbrush, Crazybump, and the Unreal 3 engine.
A mobile version was also available on the Apple store with the target market for the Ipod Touch 4
All work by me.

Winchester 1873

Timothy Porter Winchester 1873 Timothy Porter Winchester 1873

Timothy Porter Winchester AO Timothy Porter Winchester Texture Timothy Porter Winchester Texture

Rendered in Mental ray for Maya using Zbrush, Crazybump, and Photoshop. All work minus layout by me. Layout created from a picture by Stuart Smith the image url is here . Original image bottom right.

London Street

London Street

Timothy Porter London Street AO Timothy Porter Wood Door Texture

Rendered in Mental ray for Maya using Crazybump, and Photoshop. Original layout from photo. All work minus layout by me.

Drake the Dragon

Drake the Dragon Made in Photoshop Drake the Dragon Made in Photoshop Drake the Dragon Made in Photoshop

Drake the Dragon by Creative Lee Productions.
A children's book published 2012. All work by me and Ginger Karalexis.

Wild Blue Yonder (PC - RealSense - 2016)

While navigating the dangers of a post-apocalyptic society in the sky, Cola, a teenaged girl fighter pilot and her family fight to protect The Dawn, their flying fortress and home. With the world in chaos, bullets dwindling, and fuel drying up, the few survivors in the sky must use anything at their disposal in order to survive. Battles rage from ship to ship as jet-pack warriors, planes, and crew members scratch and claw to claim the few crumbs society left behind.

Slingo ( Mobile/Facebook- 2014)

Slingo Adventure combines classic slot machine gameplay with Bingo and Keno style number matching. Play through 100 (and counting) fun, fast paced level by spinning, daubing, and wagering your way to success. The faster you match, the bigger the bonus!

Cars: Fast As Lightning (Mobile - 2014)

Lightning McQueen and Mater are hosting a Radiator Springs car racing EXTRAVAGANZA, and they need some speed! Do you have the drive to play? Race fast and free as Cars characters with nitro-charged arcade racing! Then build your own 3D Radiator Springs, home of Lightning and his buddies. Watch it go from a humble town to a thriving city!

Cars: Hotshot Racing (Mobile - 2014)

Lightning McQueen and his friends are back for high-speed racing around the world in Cars: Hotshot Racing! A new Android 2D/Java game for mobile, race in nitro-charged, turbo-boosted, adrenaline-filled, high-speed racing!

Jump Tanks (PC - 2014)

Jump Tanks™ is a fast-paced 5 vs 5 Action RPG that focuses on teamwork and competitive play. It is a shooter for players that love relying on their skills but also enjoy the depth and customization of RPGs. Please learn more about the game at

Ice Age Village (Mobile - 2013)

The official Ice Age app is here! Scrat's hunt for his favorite acorn has opened a crack in the Earth's crust, sending the animals scurrying for safety. Manny, Ellie, Diego and Sid decide to build a new village for their displaced friends. Help them in this heroic challenge and get ready for fun and surprises along the way!

Jackpot Designs Slot Bundle (PC-2012)

Monster Mash, Sunken Treasure, and Lucky Dwarves are our latest 3d slot games. Created in HD (1920x1080), the games consist of 5 reels, 1 bonus, 9 win animations and 20 paylines.

Freaky Pets (2010)

Targeting children ages four and up, Freaky Pets brings to market a line of unique reversible plush toys with a web browser-based 3D game safe for children.

Weapon of Choice (2008)

Weapon of Choice is a high-energy, side-scrolling action game with tons of unique weapons and playable characters used to fight a myriad of amazing monsters.

Jon and Ted’s Excellent Gamecast Group


Episode 11 - Princess Leia with a beard

Tnt Gaming

Castle Equestrius

Gamertell Exclusive

Contact Page
Contact Page Contact Page Contact Page Contact Page

More than eight years in the game industry has allowed me to learn the intricacies of many roles. As a Technical Artist I have developed a concise methodology for streamlining pipelines, optimizing for multiple platforms, and creating tools that will make any team stronger and more efficient. I pride myself on creating a seamless line of communication between code, art, design, and production to help maximize studio productivity.

Tools: Maya, 3ds Max, Unity / NGUI, UDK, Photoshop, Flash, Illustrator, Scout, Premiere, After Effects, Texture Packer, MotionBuilder

Languages: Python/PyWin, Javascript, Maxscript, MEL, Applescript, Bash, Bat

Specialties: Python, Javascript, Unity, Maya, Photoshop, Animation, Shading, Lighting